Peg-it-all Grey Little Panel - Quince Living

Pegboards have long been a favourite practical storage solution for studios and workspaces. Here we have an updated concept with the Peg-it-all pegboards that are made from heavy-duty Birch Plywood and feature sturdy holes and pegs along with a range of new accessories.

The Little Peg-it-all pegboard are painted in "eicó" that are manufactured in Iceland and Sweden to exacting environmental standards, using 100% geothermal or hydropower energy, making the production process carbon positive.

  • Accessories include:
  • 1 x small shelf, 12cm x 24cm
  • 6 x straight wooden pegs, length 9cm
  • W 66 cm, H 50cm
  • Mini Clipboard with leather hook also available

The peg board is made from 1.5cm thick solid birch plywood and the edges are finished in Danish oil to accentuate the texture of the wood.

    - Wall mounting battens and installation instructions are included

    Designed and made in Britain.