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Cast Iron Slow Cooker

These super stylish and completely practical slow cookers are designed and forged by the team at Netherton Foundry, Shropshire, England. A family business, designing & making quality traditional cookware from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring  counties. 
  • Electric Heater base with 3 cooking settings: 
  • High - 230 watts, Low - 170 watts and Keep Warm - 80 watts (use this for extra slow cooking).
  • 1 metre cord with plug.
  • Cast iron 7 pint (4 litre) oven safe bowl.
  • Cast iron lid 
  • British oak knobs on lid and heater base.
It's excellent for soups, traditional hearty fare, exotic international dishes, puddings and even bread; it's all about keeping the taste in your food.
It's a great way to feed the family during the week, especially if you need to serve at different times.
Lots and lots of tried and tested recipes in the very special booklet that you will want to keep.
Perfect for kitchen to table service, elegant and impressive.
Remove the lid to use the cast iron bowl for perfect risotto and the ultimate apple crumble.
Suitable for stove top cooking on gas and electric hobs, including ceramic, halogen and induction.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for an easy clean finish.
Flax oil coating can be restored at home, time after time.

This product is suitable for 220-240 volt power supplies. It is supplied to all territories with a UK 13 amp plug, excepting sales to Continental Europe where an earthed 2 pin Schuko style plug is also provided.

Please note this item is a special order, delivery times can vary but we will keep you updated with due dates on order. 

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