Natural Druzy Bracelet - Quince Living
Natural Druzy Bracelet - Quince Living Natural Druzy Bracelet - Quince Living Natural Druzy Bracelet - Quince Living
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This stunning Natural Druzy bracelet is skilfully handmade in Rajasthan. Agate Druzy is a natural stone usually formed in layers of coloured rings. The Druzy stone is said to make a person grounded, protective and strengthen the physical body.

Each stone is cut & polished by hand. Each piece is plated in 22k gold and finished with an anti-tarnish that will age over time.

All jewellery is hypoallergenic and nickel and lead free. The stones used in this jewellery are scoured from various parts of Rajasthan and are hand crafted by the local artisans who have been doing it for generations. There is a very interesting stories behind each stone. As per the religion Hinduism, these stones help the jewellery wearer to be positive, strong and energetic. The stones are all hand cut and polished from rough stones. The metal used is a special alloy made from brass which gives the jewellery a rich feeling and look. The gold plating process is very tedious and involves 13 different processes including silver plating and several stages of cleaning with distilled water before plating with 22k gold. The best way to clean our jewellery is to rub with a piece of clean cotton which will give a shine and bring back the original shade. When not in use we advise the jewellery is stored in an air tight bag to avoid tarnishing.

  • Presented in a suede gift pouch.
  • Hypoallergenic & nickel free
  • Colour: Gold
  • Size: 7cm (dia)
  • Stone shape and colour may vary slightly from image shown due to the nature of the material.